To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, we created an exact replica of the Contingency Lunar Sample Return Bag.

12”x8.5” in size // zipper closure //  made of real Beta cloth


This bag will be a limited run released on kickstarter. 


Launching February 17th, 2019 for a limited 30 day campaign on kickstarter.


Apollo 11 landed the first man on the moon 50 years ago, on July 20th, 1969.  NASA decided that in the event that time on the moon would be cut short, they wanted a contingency plan for retrieving lunar samples from the Sea of Tranquility landing site.  

For this purpose, the Contingency Lunar Sample Return Bag was created. 

The first planned task of being on the moon was to collect about 1 kilogram of material near the lunar lander.  This was done in view of the lunar lander camera and would become the first samples collected from the surface of the moon. The samples were placed in the Lunar Sample Bag, stowed in the Lunar Module and safely returned to earth.

Fifty years later the moon landing is still an incredibly inspiring event that helped bring a nation together to achieve the impossible.  Just holding this bag it is as if you were holding a piece of significant history.



Puntzi is a design house, creating projects out of passion and curisotty.  

From our research we were able to determine the specifications and sewing techniques used to make the original bag and use them on this reproduction. Beta cloth is extremely expensive and hard to obtain, but our previous work with a certified USA based manufacturer allows us to purchase the material and have it cut and sewn in a limited, one time production run, making this a very timely and limited opportunity.  

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Made in the USA

Authentic Beta Cloth

Authentic Nomex Zipper

Color matched polyester binding

Stamped Original NASA Lettering

50th Anniversary Launch // 1969 - 2019

Limited Run Only

The only difference is yours hasn’t been to the moon yet


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